Data science is a highly growing field today. With the world rapidly going online, being a data scientist is an attractive job that brings a lot of money. According to Harvard Business Review, data scientists is the most desirable job. The year 2020 has supposedly generated 50 times more data than 2011 and the number keeps increasing. 

Salary of Data Scientist

Data science is a lucrative field that finds application in almost all spheres. If you are an IT graduate looking for a job or you are someone simply looking to switch jobs for a higher payout, data science helps you make big bucks right from the start. 

Depending on your years of experience, beginners can earn a whopping Rs. 4,50,000 on average, even more depending on your skillset and portfolio. Whereas, experienced data scientists can earn as much as Rs. 19,00,000 a year.

If you are looking to build a career in the field of data science, we are here to help you. Here is a step by step path to becoming a data scientist:

Choose an Academic Path

Ideally, pursuing a career in data science is impossible without a formal degree. A study shows that 9 out of 10 data scientists are graduates in Computer Science. Many opt for a master's degree with 1 out of 4 people having a Ph.D. with less than 3 years of experience. 

Although, if you wish to start earning at the earliest, there are a plethora of certificate courses available online that provide you with adequate knowledge to start working. If you are a self-learner, opting for these online courses not only reduces the time but are also much more cost-effective than the mainstream learning path. You can regularly enroll in data boot camps to sharpen your skills. 

Choose a Specific Area of expertise

Data science offers a variety of roles. For instance, data visualization, market research, management analysis, If you are someone who is looking forward to obtaining a Master’s degree, you can choose an area to specialize in. You can further pursue a post-doctorate to refine your skills, thereby obtaining higher-paid jobs.

Get Certified

If you are someone who doesn't want to invest a lot of years in academics, there are plenty of certificate courses available online.

Certificate courses for Data analytics extend from 3-18 weeks. 

Getting Certified from a reputed institution raises your credibility as a data scientist. Coursera, upgrad, edgrow and intellipaat are some of the well-known online platforms that provide short courses for data analytics online. 

If you are tight on your budget Edgrow offers a variety of courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI under the supervision of experts. While many other platforms have pre-recorded lectures, Edgrow provides live teaching from top data scientists. Moreover, their certificate course integrates both theoretical and practical modules. Through Edgrow, you can hone your skills and refine your knowledge to pursue data science. They also offer a variety of internships to kickstart your career. 

Practicing with a live comprehensive data with real data sets

The phrase "practice makes perfect" applies everywhere. Practicing programming and machine learning algorithms by working on projects. As a fresher, apply for paid and unpaid data science internships to put your skills to practice. Practicing through live projects with real data sets would enable you to have insights to develop better data senses from varied situations. 


    Once you get certified or have completed any Data Science courses online. It's time to focus on work based on an industrial approach. To get the most out of your knowledge and know more about real-world problems and their solutions. Internships are better options. You get to learn with seniors and experts. Many companies are providing internships and training programs with handsome amounts of stipends. So it's a win-win situation for both the companies and the interns.

Get employed 

After you have gained the skills required, all that is left to do is to deploy them to the best of your abilities and get a job. Given the specificity of the field, there are forums like Kraggle where you can search for internships. 

Data science is a rapidly flourishing field. New tools are constantly being developed while the old ones go out of date. Therefore, to grow along with the field, it is important to keep yourself updated. LinkedIn and iCrunchData are trusted platforms that you can use to build your network. 

Edgrow offers a multitude of internships and offers 100% job assistance.

To stand out as a data scientist, there are a couple more things you should keep in mind:


Why choose Edgrow?

Although there are many free and paid online courses available, enrolling in Edgrow would give you a greater edge. Here's why.

You would work with live data sets right from the beginning. This would provide you with an edge right from your certification. As mentioned earlier, we offer live training with both theoretical and practical experience. This is something which isn't available with free certificate courses. Moreover, with the internship opportunities and highly efficient tutors, is a one-stop shop for every individual who wishes to start a career in data science. Furthermore, you get all of this at cost-friendly rates!

At Edgrow we not only train you through online certificate courses but also provide internships and job assistance. Once you have signed up with us, our expert trainers will guide you every step of the way till you accomplish the job of your dreams.


By choosing the right courses and working on building a strong portfolio, you can quickly progress in your career as a data scientist. Enroll in the latest AI and ML certificate courses offered by Edgrow. and get trained from experts at economical rates.

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