I have been frequently asked by lots of students which learning mode(Online or Offline) is better to learn the latest technologies like python, data science, cloud computing, etc. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge rise in online education replacing the offline education model. Online Edtech market has seen a huge growth since then. Lots of E-learning platforms have emerged in these years.  Online learning has became a new normal for the students as well as the institutes. However there are pro’s and con’s of both the online vs offline learning system. Many students think that online learning for future technologies like data science is not a convenient way to learn it practically but we have seen that thousands of Online learning students have got placed in top companies simply by learning online.

Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online vs offline learning.

Online Learning

  Advantages of online learning

  1. Best thing about online learning is flexibility.  Students can learn at their speed, time and space. If you missed any lecture(class) you can access recorded lectures and videos.  You don't have to scratch your head when you missed the last lectures and are now unable to understand current topics.

  1. The manner of teaching in online education is more digitized, as instructors have the opportunity to employ a variety of online learning materials, such as audios, videos, virtual whiteboards, animations, and live chats, to aid the learning process.

  2. As compared to offline mode of education, the online courses are more affordable for both students and instructors. As the dependency of class room and physical location is no longer required, it decreases the price of the courses to very very affordable prices. The best example could be if you want to learn data science from a offline institute it will cost you lakhs of rupees and on other hand it can be pursued in less than your one time shopping budget if purchased online.

  3. Time required for attending the offline class and the particular schedules of classes is no more in online learning because you can learn at your own pace and time whenever and wherever you want.

  4. . Whereas you can learn directly from industrial domain experts online which helps you land a job faster.

        Disadvantages of online learning

  1. The major disadvantage of online learning is spending lots of time on screens thus increasing your daily screen time.

  2. Another downside is that there are technical issues. During online sessions, poor Internet connectivity issues crop up on a regular basis.

  3. Students' feelings of isolation, minimal interaction with other students, and face-to-face interaction with instructors are not as efficient as they would be if done offline.


Offline Learning

        Advantages of offline learning 

  1. Offline learning allows students to gain knowledge in a more practical setting, allowing them to engage with teachers and peers, as well as actively participate in live discussions.

  2. Live doubt clearance due to face to face interaction with the teachers. 

  3. Offline classrooms, as we all know, promote student engagement and interactions since students are more likely to communicate with one another, which leads to increased learning and competitiveness.

        Disadvantages of offline learning

  1. Traveling and fees expenses.

  2. Fixed schedule: There is no room for flexibility with offline classes because the times are set. It might be claimed that the class timetable cannot be changed, therefore they have difficulty managing both. According to a study, students’ attendance in online (72 percent) and offline classrooms varied (62 percent ).

  3. Lack of practical learning: Even though offline classes have more practical environments and face to face interaction, it lacks learning in a practical way specially when you are learning to code.

  4. Lack of skilled trainers: Not all but many offline classes lack the industrial expert trainers because the industrial experts many a times find it difficult to follow classes schedule to teach students

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