Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Analytics are currently one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Data scientists and Machine Learning engineers, according to studies, are considered as one of the sexist jobs of this decade with high compensations and huge opportunities.

Data Science is the application of research that deals with gathering, analyzing, and interpreting diverse information in order to derive conclusions. Data science is a term that encompasses a range of technological operations such as statistics, calculus, graphs, charts, algorithms, computer programs, and much more. If you have completed your 12th recently and are looking for data science as a career option, here is the complete roadmap for you. 

 Data Science Courses After 12th: Scope 

  • UG and PG data science provide students with work chances as Data Analysis Managers, Data Analysts, Data Administrators, and Data Architects, among other positions. The starting income is in the region of INR 4 to 8 lakhs in India.

  • As you study specialized advanced learning in data science, diploma and Ph.D. data scientific disciplines are seeking to find better employment chances or to raise your pay scale.

  • A diploma in data science is an apprenticeship that allows you to jump right into a profession in data science without having to complete a full-time degree program.

  • You can almost always enroll in big data degree training to develop your current abilities or learn a new one, since this will enable you to locate more work prospects.

Specialization graduations, diploma or masters in Data Science 

After passing your 12th-grade board exams, you now have the opportunity to pursue a career as a data scientist. However, when applying for a Data scientists' education, you must meet a few qualifications, just as you must for other specialist and professional courses. The following are some of them:

  • 2 + 10 = (Science background compulsory)

  • 12th graders received their diplomas from a reputable institution.

  • For BSc. class averages, a necessary average of 45 percent is necessary; for BTech. and other technical degrees, a minimum collective of 50 percent is expected. Though several top-tier institutes, such as IITs and NITs, would specify a minimum cumulative of 60%.

  • The admissions procedure is determined by a number of variables, notably 12th-grade merit, JEE mains scorecards, institutional level entrance examinations, and provincial standardized tests. In most cases, institutions only consider individuals based on their performance on the 12th grade or other admission tests.

Enrollment to Online/Offline Data science courses with your current graduation.

If you don't want to burn lots of money in pursuing the data science specialization program for graduation. There are other options you can pursue while doing graduation in your local colleges. There are lots of online training institutes, training you right from the beginning to advanced artificial intelligence/data science syllabus. The application process varies with the type of data scientists course:

1) Data science certification programs have no prerequisites. On the platform, users can choose a data science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics class depending on their interests and abilities.

2) Applicants to data curriculum are made on the basis of preceding assessment results, followed by a generalist consultation to finalize applications to professional courses. Take a free career counseling round to know if you are a good fit for data science/AI as a career.

3) After the career counseling round, You can start learning by yourself with the help of mentors online right from the beginning and build real-time projects to build up your problem solving and practical skills.

Eligibility and Entrance for full-time Data Science graduation program after 12th

After 12th grade, admittance to big data degrees are made as a result of countrywide and academic CET qualifying examination, the specifics of these are listed below:

Exam for Admission


Examination Schedule

JEE main

Data Science BTech and similar specialties

The date will be confirmed later.

Entrance Exam for Jain University


The date will be confirmed later.


ME with a variety of specialties

The date will be confirmed later.


Data Science MTech and similar specialties

The date will be confirmed later.

Best Data Science Institute in India after 12th.



Course Content


Student Experience

Average Score

























Colleges with the Best Data Science Programs After 12th Grade 2022

The figure below covers some of the best data science education colleges in The country, both public and private, where you can undertake a database academic track after completing your 12th grade, along with their market rates.

Name of the College

2022 NIRF Ranking

Pune's Symbiosis International University


Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal


PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore


Madras Christian College, Chennai


Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai


Data Science Skills:-

Calculus and Mathematics

Calculus and arithmetic are the most crucial skills that any student should have and that serve as the foundation for any degree in this discipline. Because the entire industry is built on evaluating work and making calculations to determine modest improvements to be made, students must be proficient at math. Students with a high understanding of arithmetic and mathematics will have an advantage in the hiring process. At the moment of selection, the interviewer will ask basic questions or provide essential computations.

Computer program Skills  

Basic education and understanding of several essential scripting languages is the next crucial skill that people should have if they want to pursue a career in this sector. Students pursuing a career in this industry should be familiar with computer languages such as Python, and Machine Learning. Data science also necessitates the use of a variety of tools of the profession, as expected to be familiar with these abilities.


Statistics is an important aspect of data science and is essential in jobs like a data scientists. Candidates should have a strong mathematical background and be familiar with statistical interpretations, probabilities, and other tools.

Statistical knowledge is a talent that is necessary for every corporation and plays an important role in business decision-making and the evaluation of extensive research.

The Fees for Data Science Graduation

The cost of a Data Science degree varies after the 12th  due to the location and reputation of the college. The estimated price of a master's degree in data science is between Rs.200000 and Rs.400000. Depending on the university, the training fee can exceed 20 lacs.  You can learn from online courses as well besides your graduation from local colleges(B tech, BCA, BBA, etc) at affordable costs. There are free courses also available Udemy, Coursera, and edX and on our EdGrow

Almost all the universities and colleges are including data science and artificial intelligence in the curriculum for computer science streams. But as we know, the Indian Education system is broken and focuses more on theoretical rather than developing practical skills.  

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