Data Science and Data Analytics as the best career options after BCA and MCA.

Are you having trouble deciding what to do after BCA|MCA? Are you torn between a career and further education following your BCA? Upon acquiring their graduate degrees, BCA | MCA students are frequently faced with the challenge of choosing the correct professional path.

After BCA, there are numerous positions available accessible, involving numerous employment options and business qualifications. Relying on your choices, your profession may pick a different approach to support your advance.

Any entering Graduates student should be equipped to answer a few questions. Apart from hometown and undergraduate university, most first talks with BCA, B.Tech, and MCA graduates end up with two key questions:

"After graduation, what do you want to do?"

"How can I locate the most convenient way to specialize in futuristic streams?"

Let's see what is an excellent career opportunity after BCA/MCA?

Let's look at the top post-BCA employment alternatives in the technical sector, as well as their breadth, earnings potential, and employment prospects. You can either choose to carry forward with your MCA degree or learn new technologies and start getting experience in them. You can do both at the same time as well. If you opt for the latter there are lots of options like pursuing full-stack web development, database administration, cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence courses, etc. I would suggest Data Science, Data Analytics, and Blockchain to be a good career choices in 2022.

Data science courses after BCA

You can choose a Data Science course after BCA. After BCA, a data scientist has favored employment, and this landscape is rapidly expanding. Aside from your BCA, you can pursue this sector with professional growth in data visualization, prescriptive analytics, big data, machine learning, and so on. As a data scientist, you'll be responsible for activities such as data visualization, data mining, and data analysis using tools and applications. Top 5 reasons to become a data scientist in 2022

You’ll just have to gain the appropriate abilities for this expertise.

  • R/Python Programming 

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Data Visualization 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

  • Big Data

  • Machine Learning 

A data scientist's salary begins at 8 LPA and can rise depending on specialty and talents. A data Scientist usually earns more than the average data analyst salary in India.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

You can choose an artificial intelligence and machine learning course after BCA. AI and Machine Learning Across industry sectors, there is a growing demand for smart and great services. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the surrogacy of AI and machine learning innovations, which are anticipated to stay pertinent for many decades to come. As enterprises start opening their coastline for machine learning to computerize their operational processes, there is an expanding market for computer programmers, the driving genius underneath computer software increasing demand for Software developers as competent with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read this If you want to know how to become a Data Scientist/AI Engineer after graduation.

You’ll just have to gain the appropriate abilities for this expertise.

  • Python

  • Keras 

  • TensorFlow 

  • MySQL

  • NLTK

  • Docker 

  • Flask 

  • Heroku 

  • NumPy 

  • OpenCV

The typical basic salary of an AI engineer begins at 12 LPA and may go up as per the specialty and talents.

Data analyst

You can choose a Data Analyst course after BCA After BCA, a Data Analyst seems to be another fascinating job option. Establishing IT programs for effectiveness, developing technology applications to minimize costs, evaluating and monitoring IT systems, and making decisions are just a few of the tasks. Data Analyst usually gets paid a good salary in India.

Equity growth forecasts, for example. Supplemental qualifications, such as SQL, MS Office knowledge, and so on, are usually required for this job.

You’ll just have to gain the appropriate abilities for this expertise.

  • MS Excel

  • R language

  • Python

  • Tableau

  • Keras

Data analyst salary in India is around 7 LPA on average.


You can choose a Blockchain development course after BCA. Blockchain developer is the top job this year, as per a LinkedIn analysis titled 'Emerging Jobs 2022.' As electronic wallets become more popular in India, the need for a quick and cheap infrastructure that enables them to grow. That's where blockchain enters in, resulting in an increase in the requirement for the blockchain expertise. Blockchain engineers and managers are in high demand at major firms like Accenture, IBM, and others.

You’ll just have to gain the appropriate abilities for this expertise

To enter this field as a professional, you’ll have to learn about the basics of blockchain and its tools. Some of the skills you must learn to become a blockchain professional are:

  • Ethereum

  • Composer

  • Solidity

  • Core Backend Development

  • Smart Contracts

  • Java

A Blockchain Engineer's salary is 8 LPA on average.

If you find the information useful and want to consider your career in future technologies like Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine learning, and Blockchain Development course. Register yourself to get a free online career guidance call in your local language in India.

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Following is a list of some excellent post-BCA career opportunities. We hope it provides you with an answer to your query, "What should I do after BCA?" You can narrow down your interests based on the type of career you want to pursue after graduation. BCA's future prospects are promising. To strengthen the authority of your certification, it is critical to choose the correct institute.

For all youngsters pondering what to do after BCA, you should consider the length of the program, the grade of challenge, and the cost before picking which course to pursue after graduation. What about opportunities for work with the BCA? Any of the finest courses after BCA listed above will almost certainly earn you a superb job, allowing you to begin your professional life pleasantly.

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