What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence(AI) is the ability of machines to act by themselves and make human-like decisions to perform tasks.

AI is a computer program. We humans often learn by observing and implementing, Similarly machines too can learn by the historical behaviors, data, and inputs.


What is conventional programming or traditional programming?

Conventional programming is the programming done by humans and provides machine commands by coding programs to perform the desired tasks. It is a manual process, meaning a programmer creates a program.  Building Websites by HTML, CSS, Javascript, and applications using PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, etc, Mobile app development using android studio and Swift, etc are the best examples of regular coding. AI can be used with these technologies.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and another Conventional programming 

Normally when we write a code or a program on our system, it gives us the desired output. On the other hand, AI is an intelligence program making decisions by itself based on repeated things done previously and providing better and better output than the previous, in less time. What if machines start to think by themselves and learn more things? Yes this is possible by machine learning algorithms within AI

Let's understand this by an example.

 If we want to build a Tic Tac Toe game or Chess such that a player can play with another player. Simply you would use the algorithm related to it that you have to complete a line using zero or x or different moves per player. But if you want to program a game such that a computer can play with you then you have to predefine intelligent moves such that the computer can also play like a human with a player. For this, you have to set priorities like we will give first priority to winning, second priority will be stopping the other player from winning, and so on. 

Which Business Case is Better Solved By Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

  1. AI For Industrial Operations

  • Continuous Process Optimization to Improve Product Quality

  • Predictive Maintenance to Cut Unplanned Downtime

  • Reducing Water and Energy Usage to Improve Sustainability

  • Optimizing Assets and Processes to Improve Product Yield

  • Optimizing Processes to Lower Raw Material Wastage

  1. How AI is changing Advertising and Marketing.

  • Personalization leads to getting the best customer conversion.

  • Audiences segmentation before ads are served

  • Ads created through AI convert and perform better.

  • Advertising decisions are more accurate, helps in increasing the ROI

  1. AI for Healthcare and medical

  • Analyzing patients' history and data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, and at a lower cost.

  • Determining proper treatments and suggestions.

  • Perform high level and critical surgeries through robotics

  • Improve treatment methodology

  • Fetching patient insights and leading to predictive analysis 

      4) AI for Finance and Banking


  • For Credit Credit Decision for the Customers

  • AI For Personal and Consumer Finance

  • Minimizing the need for repetitive work 

There are a lot more artificial intelligence domains in Which Business Cases are Better Solved By Artificial Intelligence(AI). Many companies across the world are adopting AI, machine learning, and data science to boost their business and bring new innovations to the market.

Career Opportunities in Artificial intelligence and AI

As we know artificial intelligence is creating an impact worldwide across various businesses. It is known to change the world more than anything in the world.

[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”— AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018

This is the reason there is a huge demand in the market for data scientists, Machine learning engineers, and AI engineers. As per the research in 2020-2021 itself, there was a shortage of vacancies around 90,000+ jobs in India for domains like data scientists and data analysts. If you are a student, a working professional, or a fresher looking for a job, Artificial intelligence and Data science is the best career opportunity of this era with high salaries and great job opportunities in the market.

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